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The Game-Breaking Glory of Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V may not be my favorite title in the series, but it's the one I find most interesting. It takes the class system from Final Fantasy III and refines it, making it easier to experiment with various classes while keeping most of them useful for the entire story. A lot of the design decisions around the game are interesting as well, allowing you to try some really unusual party set-ups and even break the difficulty in crazy ways.

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Mercenaries Saga Chronicles Review

Currently, there’s not a lot of SRPG offerings on the Switch. While we’re still waiting for new Fire Emblem Switch news and sitting on a port of Disgaea 5, those that have already played NISA’s tactical game on the PS4 have been left with a strategic drought on Nintendo’s console. Circle Entertainment is looking to end that drought, though, with Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, a collection of three strategy RPGs for a budget price.
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Subsurface Circular Review

Mike Bithell is a bit of a well-known name in the indie developer field. The creator of Thomas Was Alone and Sound, he manages to create compelling stories with unusual subjects, such as literal blocks. Now, Bithell is trying a new format with Bithell shorts, games that are shorter and a lot more compact than the (admittedly not very long) games he usually makes. The first game of his shorts collection is Subsurface Circular, a sci-fi text adventure.
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Dragon Quest Builders Switch Review

Late in 2016, Square Enix released the spin-off title Dragon Quest Builders to the West. While the easiest way to describe the title is 'Dragon Quest mixed with Minecraft', it's a bit more than that, with Builders having a more in-depth story but also a few more limitations on the building aspects of the game. We reviewed the PlayStation 4 version when it first launched, and Kyle enjoyed his time with the game. Now, Dragon Quest Builders has made it to the Switch. While this might be a straight port of previous versions of Builders, the flexibility that the Switch provides makes this the definitive way to play.
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Under Night In-Birth Exe Late[st] Review: Proof of Existence

Fighting game fans have plenty to play already, thanks to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and Dragon Ball Fighterz all releasing last month. However, what if you just wanted an old-fashioned, pixel based 2D fighter to play, without all the frills of these bigger releases? Arc System Works’ and French Bread’s Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] is the game you’re looking for.