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The Council Episode 2 Review - Lost and Found

Back in March, Big Bad Wolf released the first episode of The Council, the developer’s take on the narrative adventure genre. They hope to revolutionize the genre with choices and character growth that really matters, and the first episode, The Mad Ones, left me with a promising impression of what’s to come. Now, the second episode, Hide and Seek, is out, but unfortunately this episode doesn’t live up to the lofty standards The Mad Ones set.

Omensight Review - Dawn of the Final Day

What will it take to stop the apocalypse? In most video games, all it takes is to defeat the main villain and save the day. But in some cases, it’s not always so easy. In Omensight not only do you need to stop the world from being destroyed, but you also must find out why an ancient evil has been summoned in the first place. As a result Omensight crafts an interesting narrative, but it’s unfortunately marred by some gameplay issues.

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late[st] Review: Proof of Existence

Fighting game fans have plenty to play already, thanks to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and Dragon Ball Fighterz all releasing last month. However, what if you just wanted an old-fashioned, pixel based 2D fighter to play, without all the frills of these bigger releases? Arc System Works’ and French Bread’s Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] is the game you’re looking for.

Songbringer Review — Sci-Fi Psychedelic Zelda (PS4)

Back in 2015, Nathaneal Wiess (aka Wizard-Fu) launched a Kickstarter for Songbringer. Billed as a “Zelda-like action-adventure-RPG” with a bunch of unique, procedurally generated worlds, Songbringer looked to be the sci-fi answer to Nintendo’s mega popular series. Now that this indie title is out, I can say that Songbringer does succeed in what the game was trying to do—a homage to Zelda—but it doesn’t quite hit the same highs as that iconic series.


For Eidos-Montréal Online Play Will be a Focus

Eidos-Montréal has updated their vision statement on their website, and it gives a little snapshot of how the company will be handling game development in the future. Studio Head David Anfossi states that the company will “be placing an added emphasis on the online experiences” in their games. While this doesn’t mean the company is shifting away from single-player games entirely, that does likely mean there will be more multiplayer aspects even in largely single-player games.

Learn Why There Aren't More Games Like Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is one of Valve’s more popular franchises, offering a unique take on multiplayer titles with its 4 player co-op play. But, in the decade that the first Left 4 Dead game released, there haven’t been many clones or even similar games of the type, which is strange. The CEO of Fatshark Martin Wahlund has a few good reasons for this, and as head of the developers of Vermintide 2, one of the few titles that is similar to Left 4 Dead, the explanation is worthwhile to hear!

Star Ocean 4 PS4 Settings are PC Caliber

Due to the nature of consoles, typically the settings for console games are a bit limited. Since PCs are upgradeable and gamers will have a wide range of rigs, more advanced settings are needed in order to ensure the game runs correctly. Star Ocean: The Last Hope is an exception to these console and PC setting rules, though, as the PlayStation 4 remaster has a wealth of settings options, that rival the number of most PC titles.

GameStop Black Friday Sale Has Been a Success

Black Friday is winding down for brick and mortar stores this year, and GameStop has released a statement about how their sales day went. As expected of the biggest shopping day of the year, GameStop’s Black Friday sales were a big success, and it seems being open on Thanksgiving helped in bolstering the company’s sales. It seems likely that GameStops will be opening on Thanksgivings for years to come. COO Tony Bartel has more to say about the GameStop Black Friday sales: “Our holiday season i

ESA's Loot Box Investigation Decides They Aren't Gambling

Hot on the news of Belgium’s decision involving loot boxes and Hawaii launching an investigation on EA regarding their loot box practices, the Entertainment Software Association has released their own statement regarding the micro-transactions. The statement given to The Rolling Stone essentially says they do not think loot boxes are gambling. This is in opposition to Belgium’s decision yesterday.

Gazillion Terminates Staff and Marvel Heroes Cancelled Friday

As we’re all preparing for the holiday weekend in the US, the employees of Gazillion have received some heartbreaking news. Massively OP received a tip from a now ex-Gazillion employee that all staff of the company has been terminated. Additionally, Marvel Heroes is set to shut down on Friday, as opposed to the original announcement that the game’s service would be ending at the end of the year. The ex-employee in Massively OP’s article wished to remain anonymous, but they’ve provided some very

New Enemy Discovered in Bloodborne Chalice Dungeon

Bloodborne has been out for a number of years, but players are still discovering new things about From Software’s title. A group called The Tomb Prospectors, who run through Chalice Dungeons to uncover the secrets of Bloodborne have made quite the discovery: The Flaming Undead Giant, an enemy only seen in pre-release trailers, has been spotted in-game. Players long thought the enemy was simply cut from the final product, so it’s an exciting discovery! Thanks to Kotaku for originally reporting on

CheckPoint GamerMates Mental Health Community Revealed

The non-profit organization CheckPoint, a group focused on tackling mental health issues with “the power of video games”, has launched a new project to further their goals. The GamerMates community is a pro-mental health community to get gamers together to play together and support each other. With how toxic the gaming community and online multiplayer can be, this is a big step in making the gaming community an more positive place.

Loot Boxes Top October 2017 NPD as Nazi Punching Falters

The NPD sales numbers for October 2017 are out (via Venture Beat), and the numbers are surprising considering recent gaming controversies. Middle-earth: Shadow of War, a game heavily criticized for predatory loot box scheme, is the top selling game of last month. It seems despite all the anger over Shadow of War’s loot box decisions, gamers aren’t putting their money where their mouths are. It seems they aren’t properly punching Nazis in the face either, as Wolfenstein II has gotten off to a les
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