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My miscellaneous one-off articles.

The Secret Side of Pokémon You Never Knew About

If I asked you what an “EV” is in Pokémon, you might assume I was talking about the lovable little fox creature that evolves into a myriad different forms. But if you’re a competitive Pokémon player, you know exactly what those two letters mean—effort values. These values are increased by battling different kinds of Pokémon and give monsters a valuable edge, but the games won’t show them to you in any menu. And they’re just one of the hidden, deeper mechanics in the series that go beyond the well-known rock-paper-scissors of type matchups and factor into the complex world of competitive Pokémon battling.

Monster Hunter: World gives strong women proper body representation

Monster Hunter: World can be described with many words but ‘realistic’ is not a prominent one. After all, you’re fighting giant fantastical beasts with absurdly large weapons, all while your bipedal pet cat runs around in a fairy outfit. Many aspects of the Monster Hunter series fall clearly in the realm of fantasy, but one aspect of these games that is realistic is how women, and their bodies, are represented.

Why RPGMaker Title 'Yume Nikki' Terrifies Me More Than Any Modern Horror Game

I’ve always had trouble really getting into many modern horror games and films. Many of them trade in legitimate terror for jump scares and gratuitous gore, neither of which appeal to me. A general sense of anxiety melts away when you’ve predicted the jump scares or seen one too many mutilated bodies, after all. I’ve always gravitated towards more psychological horrors, but of course, they terrify me to the point that I rarely play them. That being said, one of the most terrifying games I’ve played is a free RPGMaker title that released over a decade ago.

The Bittersweet Endings of The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 was released late in July to overall critical praise. Stoic’s strategy RPG trilogy was never known to be happy and uplifting, but as the story moved forward to its resolution, it was increasingly clear to see that there would be no happy end to this tale. How exactly it ended, though, was left up to the player, left to placate a man who has all but lost faith in the world and humanity and is being forced into a difficult decision.

The Joy of unravelling the deception in The House in Fata Morgana

Visual novels arguably have less to impress gamers than other genres. With no real ‘gameplay’ to speak of, visual novels need to rely heavily on narrative prowess to make a lasting impression. Originally released in Japan in 2012, but only getting an English localization in 2016, The House in Fata Morgana is pegged as a horror visual novel. As the player explores the desolate mansion and views the different tragedies of the past, however, the game slowly unravels its tangled plot threads, revealing that it’s much more than just a compilation of sad tales.