Teamfight Tactics TFT Beta Pass 2 Guide - End Date, Rewards, Missions, Orb Changes

It’s been a couple of weeks since the first Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass has ended, and players have been eagerly waiting for the next Beta Pass with the release of Patch 9.16. Without the Beta Pass incentives, it’s harder to justify playing, after all! But the newest Beta Pass is almost here, and there are new Missions, rewards, and more to enjoy for the second chapter of TFT’s beta development. Learn everything you need to know with our TFT Beta Pass guide! You May Also Like: • The Best Items

Teamfight Tactics Classes Patch 9.15b Tier List - All TFT Classes Ranked, Champion Priority

We all know who the best of the best Champions are in Teamfight Tactics, Riot’s auto chess title, but we also know that in most cases, one unit isn’t going to win the match. Team composition is important, and units get buffs depending on their Class and Origin, and how many units they synergize with on the field. So, if you’re building a team, it’s important to know how well they work together. How do you know which synergies to go for, and which aren’t worth the trouble? Our Teamfight Tactics
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